Where it all started
Super Chevy Show 1986
Indianapolis IN
My racing career started over 20 years ago in my 1956 Chevy. I grew up
in an automotive family.  My father, Dan was a diesel mechanic and went
on to own his own garage, so cars were in my future. I bought my Chevy
at 13 years of age after starting a job doing odd jobs for a retired
veterinarian. By 16 years of age, my father and I had restored my Chevy
and I drove it all through high school. After high school, I went on to get
my auto body certificate at Ivy Tech college in Terre Haute, IN. This is
when the racing bug got started. I started street racing my Chevy and
when my parents found out they persuaded me to turn the Chevy into a
real race car and take it to the track. My brother and I shared driving duty
till the early 1990's.  This is when I really got serious and started racing
nearly every weekend. I won my first race on memorial weekend in 1991
at Coles County Dragway in Charleston, IL. After this, I won several
races and really learned the craft. In 1996, I won my first track
championship at Coles County Dragway in the
Pro/Sportsman class. That year at the track's awards banquet, they
announced that in 1997 Gebhardts Pro Cars would be giving away a
rolling dragster to the driver in the Pro or Super Pro class that went the
most rounds. I decided then the car was going to be mine. So that year, l
ran the Pro class and Super Pro class trying to win the dragster. As it
turned out, I finished 2nd in Super Pro, 1st in Pro and won the dragster.  I
also took home the driver of the year award.  My father and I finished
assembling the car and raced this car for a couple of years.
The dragster I won
225" Gebhardt with a 406 Small Block Chevy 5.40s@ 125 mph
In early 1999, my father and I decided to build my Mean
Machine dragster. My father purchased the tooling and
supplies and we started the work. This wasn't the first
Mean Machine, just the first with a motor. When I was a
kid, the first Mean Machine was a wooden soap box
derby style car that dad helped my friend, Jerry Sandfer
and me build. We use to push this car around and up
and down the streets of Martinsville, IL. Late in 1999, we
finished the Mean Machine dragster and made our first
runs. The Dragster we built has proven it's self time and
time again with multiple wins.
In 2000, I met my wife. Melissa at Action
Dragway.  She was helping some other racers
and soon started helping me. In 2002, we got
married of all places on the starting line of
Action Dragway. I'm a lucky man.  
In 2004, we decided to start running in the NHRA
class of Super Comp.  A class which is made up
mostly of dragsters and is started on a heads up
tree and all competitors running a 8.90 second
index trying not to go quicker. The competitor who
has the best package of reaction time and index
time is the winner. These races are run as national
events or divisional events. We currently run
NHRA division 3 events and 2 to 3 national events.
Our best finish to date is a 5th place finish in NHRA
division 3 points in 2006.